This is a great question and it's something we're very passionate about at Better Without.

"What is alcohol free?"

You may see cans of alcohol free beer in the supermarket labelled as alcohol free and wonder... "what is alcohol free?". If a product is produced in the UK, it can be labelled as alcohol free if the alcohol content is less than 0.05%*. For products produced in the EU, they can be 0.5%. We therefore class anything less than 0.5% as alcohol free on the Better Without app as a lot of products are produced all over the world.

What if I want to avoid 0.5% and just stick to 0.05% or 0%?

That's absolutely fine. You can filter by low ABV or no alcohol in the Better Without app! Low ABV shows all products that are 0.5% and below. No alcohol shows 0.05% and below. Each product has the ABV listed so you can make the right decision for you.

*low alcohol descriptors guidance, published 13 December 2018 []