We have had an incredible response to the app since we launched in December. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded. We have had some useful feedback too, which has allowed us to make some changes and enhancements.


The app now allows you to easily see all your reviews in one place. Under the activity page you can see the items on your wish list, your previous reviews and badges. We will also be introducing a ranking for the top reviewers, so get reviewing!

New drinks page look

You will now see that the product page looks much cleaner. We have highlighted product size, ABV % and food pairing. We also have perfect pairs, this feature will allow you to understand which drinks pair well, for example which tonic goes well with which spirit!


You will now notice a places button, unfortunately hospitality is closed right now due to Covid but we are working with the venues to get them listed ready for them to be open!

Coming soon...

We have lots of features planned for the app and really appreciate any support and feedback. We have created a features dashboard of some of the ideas we are looking to develop. Here you can like them and also add new suggestions.

Some of the things we are planning:

1. Discover Friends - meet new people and find your friends, see what drinks they have reviewed

2. Groups and feeds - share comments and thoughts to others in the community

3. Suggestions - suggest new drinks and places not currently on the app

Download the app today

Apple (App Store) - https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/better-without/id1540085220

Android (Google Play) - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.betterwithout.betterwithoutapp